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When I try to run SQL Central or SQL interactive I get this error[169]: ([0x0-0xb40b4].SQLCentral[39180]) Exited with code: 127 I am new on sqlanywhere have you got any idea what is wrong?

asked 15 Oct '15, 18:35

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Perhaps you could show the commands you are running along with the results - like a cut and paste right from Terminal? Maybe add an env|grep -e SQLANY -e PATH to confirm the environment?

These applications use Java. What version of Java do you have installed?

If you open the installation folder in Finder, you should be able to open the applications from there - does that work?

(16 Oct '15, 11:27) Tim McClements

I am trying to launch it from Finder and doesn't work, I have Java 14.9.0 Meanwhile I installed sqlany16 just for checking but it's the same The output from env|grep -e SQLANY -e PATH is: SQLANY16=/Applications/SQLAnywhere16/System SQLANYSAMP16=/Applications/SQLAnywhere16/samples PATH=/Applications/SQLAnywhere16/System/bin64:/Applications/SQLAnywhere16/System/bin32:/Applications/SQLAnywhere16/System/bin64/

(16 Oct '15, 15:59) Antonis

From some web searches it appears you are just not finding the binaries on the path; ie. the launcher just can find what to load.

That would most likely be due to not setting up the environment before attempting to launch those. That just comes down to sourcing the correct configuation script sa_config{.sh|.csh} before you start. In this sense MacOSX is no different from Linux or any variant of Unix.


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answered 16 Oct '15, 09:27

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Nick Elson S...
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Thank you for your reply but unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the issue as I have already sourced the right sa_config

(16 Oct '15, 10:52) Antonis

could it just be they way you are typing/launching it?

What happens when you launch scjview?

(16 Oct '15, 11:25) Nick Elson S...

How should I launch it? When I launch scjview in terminal (./scjview) nothing happens too.

(16 Oct '15, 15:34) Antonis

Thank you for your replies. The issue was with java, the installed version in Mac os x was 1.6 and I upgraded to 1.8 and everything works fine. Thanks again.

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answered 18 Oct '15, 14:08

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FWIW you should have been using the JRE supplied in the ${SQLANY17}/bin32/jre180/ and ${SQLANY17}/bin64/jre180/ directories which should have been set up at installation time. If either of those failed to be installed and setup up correctly we may have an installer issue to look into.

(19 Oct '15, 08:53) Nick Elson S...
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