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Is it not anymore supported in SQL Anywhere 17 replacing the column names in mobilink scripts with questions marks?

In some upload_insert script we call another procedure like: call mobilink_uplad(?, ?, ?), then the procedure gets the correct values but in incorrect order.

Is this already a known problem?

asked 24 Feb '21, 16:08

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Please show some details: The CREATE TABLE from both consolidated and remote, the upload script, the CREATE PROCEDURE statement for the procedure it calls, and the mlsrv17 -o text showing the error.

FWIW it is very very very very very unlikely that after all these years MobiLink suddenly has a bug in the order of ? parameters.

(25 Feb '21, 06:33) Breck Carter
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I can't show the details since the data is not our property but of our client.

But I can confirm the following: The table in cons. and remote has the same structure, and they originate from the same database.

I can solve the problem simply by replacing the question marks with the column names (in the same order as in create table statement)

(25 Feb '21, 09:19) Baron

The information Breck asked for will definitely help us sort out what's going on.

I'd even be a little more specific and say that we would like to see the mlsrv17 -o output that shows the entire synchronization when the error occurs when the verbosity setting on the MobiLink Server is set to "-vchi".

(25 Feb '21, 09:21) Reg Domaratzki

It will be difficult (well, impossible really) to sort out this problem without the information that Breck and I have asked for.

(25 Feb '21, 09:24) Reg Domaratzki

> mlsrv17 -o

LOL! ...clearly I've been doing too much legacy support lately, it hasn't been "dbmlsrv" since version 9, but I called it "dbmlsrv17" :)

(25 Feb '21, 10:00) Breck Carter

Could it be related to the order of columns in the article-definition in the CREATE/ALTER PUBLICATION Statement on the remote side?

(25 Feb '21, 14:39) Baron
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You can still use question marks in scripts instead of named parameters.

The order of values used is based on the order of the columns at the REMOTE database. Is it possible that the column order for a given table is not the same at the remote and consolidated database?


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answered 24 Feb '21, 16:16

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Reg Domaratzki
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both databases Remote and Cons. have the same structure.

In the logfile of DBMLSYNC I see also that row values are listed in the correct order, but at the end they are passed in a false order to the procedure.

(25 Feb '21, 03:20) Baron

Moreover, the procedure being called from upload_insert script is also correct no doubt, because I only replaced the question marks with the column names and then it startet working!!!!

Could the delimiter (Default field separator) be a problem? I mean if the remote is using ',' as delimiter and the cons. uses ';'

(25 Feb '21, 03:24) Baron
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Please see the comments that Breck and I have made on your initial question.

(25 Feb '21, 09:22) Reg Domaratzki
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