In the update process the remote db has the log offset reset. I am getting this error "Subscription id 6: consolidated progress 43303783 and remote progress 43300426" which makes sense because the offset was changed. Just wondering the best way to fix this?


asked 09 Mar '12, 11:13

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Please use the procedures to upgrade a remote database that is involved in sync/replication. Please read the following section in the doc: SQL Anywhere 12 - Changes and Upgrading » Upgrading to SQL Anywhere 12 » Upgrading MobiLink » Upgrading SQL Anywhere MobiLink clients

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answered 09 Mar '12, 11:26

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Yufei Guo
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I am upgrading to 11. I have been using the 11 docs but I haven't seen an answer to this one yet.

(09 Mar '12, 11:30) jimboidaho

Sorry, I did not pay much attention to the version. Here is the 11 doc: SQL Anywhere 11 - Changes and Upgrading » Upgrading to SQL Anywhere 11 » Upgrading MobiLink » Upgrading SQL Anywhere MobiLink clients

(09 Mar '12, 11:33) Yufei Guo
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I read the docs again and I can't find anything about how to fix the offset difference between the remote and the consolidated.

(09 Mar '12, 11:38) jimboidaho

It did not tell you how to fix the offset mismatch. However, it does tell you how to upgrade a remote database and then how to zap the log offset after you upgraded the remote database.

(09 Mar '12, 11:45) Yufei Guo

I converted another remote and the offset matched. Not sure what I did the first time. Just in case someone else is reading this, dbunload -ar switch resets the log offset automatically so I could skip that part of the docs. Thanks everyone.

(09 Mar '12, 12:31) jimboidaho
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