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I have a customer that needs to replicate a set of tables from SQL Anywhere 17 to MS SQL Server, anyone with experience in this?

The only information found in this regard is the following:

The real goal of replication is to replicate data from a existing production SQLA database to a reporting database on MSSQL Server, the source is SQLA and MSSQL as a target. I did the tutorial using MS SQL Server as consolidated database and was able to replicate successfully, creating a remote database on SQLA, using "upload to consolidated only" option. I am not sure if this is the best option, I see that Mobilink can only replicate to SQLA and Ultralite as a remote database and in this case my remote database is MSSQL. I think Mobilink is designed for another type of replication solution. Any comments or help would be great.

asked 30 Apr '21, 12:29

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How distant are these database system? How much latency is acceptable here, and would much concurrent access is acceptable?

Besides the MobiLink approach you have already mentioned, in case the database servers can be connected directly, you might also

  • use proxy tables within SQLA linked to the MS SQL database, or
  • use MS SQLs Linked Server feature to access SQLA tables,

either to periodically update the separate data on the MS SQL site or to let MS SQL access SQLA's data directly.

If direct access is not possible, using web services/OData might also do the trick.

(30 Apr '21, 12:54) Volker Barth
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Database servers are not connected, SQLA is in the cloud and MSSQL is on- premise, also SQLA has a high workload and concurrency and I don't want MSSQL reports to access SQLA. I don't think the latency is an issue, we can agree with the customer updated the data in MSSQL multiple times during the day.

(30 Apr '21, 13:59) lferreira

MobiLink will work fine for this, as long as you don't want to synchronize the data from one SQL Anywhere database to multiple MSSQL database databases. Why does it matter that MobiLink considers the MSSQL DB to be the "consoldiated" and SQL Anywhere as the "remote" if your goal is just to keep data the same between two databases?


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answered 30 Apr '21, 12:59

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Reg Domaratzki
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Yes, that's correct, it doesn't really matter as long as the data is replicated in this way (SQLA->MSSQL) and SQLA performance is not affected. I'll keep testing to see how it goes, thanks.

(30 Apr '21, 14:08) lferreira
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