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asked 10 Dec '20, 13:43

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Breck Carter
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BTW, everyone should download the PDF versions of all the manuals, just to be safe... when/if the portal comes back.

(10 Dec '20, 13:52) Breck Carter
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FWIW, I also get the hint

"There may be an error in the URL, or you may be trying to access a legacy page that is no longer supported."

Ah, legacy help. Back to DCX.

Watcom's slogan was "We do the hard part.", right? (Or possibly of Sybase or iAnywhere origin?).

SAP seems to interpret this as "We do make it hard for you to take part."

Don't ask me about how difficult it has become to extend support contracts, or to get access to the download area for paid software... - I'm glad we do get help by our sales rep at least...

(11 Dec '20, 03:09) Volker Barth
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"Run better!!!" :)

(11 Dec '20, 03:17) Vlad

Meme template...

[ insert image here ]
I WOULD SWITCH TO [ something awful ]
(11 Dec '20, 08:42) Breck Carter
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Downloading all the PDFs is a time-suck, but I've done it, and I can zip them up and send them to anyone who asks breck d o t carter at g m a i l

The bad news is, they're all (I think) marked 2019-03-21.

But... "on premises" beats "missing from the cloud" :)

(11 Dec '20, 08:53) Breck Carter

"Make the world a better place" was already taken, so they settled for "SAP is helping the best-run businesses make the world run better."

It's too bad this was also taken: "We're not happy until you're not happy."

(11 Dec '20, 09:02) Breck Carter

Well, they probably have to make sure the 98.5 % availability isn't exceeded. :)

(11 Dec '20, 09:51) Volker Barth

Well, I do use the local 17.0.4 HTML help regularly, still up-to-date for most topics...

(11 Dec '20, 13:04) Volker Barth
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Please accept my apologies. The problem should now be resolved.

permanent link

answered 11 Dec '20, 15:11

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Chris Keating
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Back... with a new topic "Upgrading to SQL Anywhere 17.0 Support Package PL 67 Build 6230" :)

(12 Dec '20, 05:01) Volker Barth
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Oh, I see it now... inside one of the PDFs labelled "Document Version: 17 – 2019-03-21" there is a topic "Upgrading to SQL Anywhere 17.0 Support Package PL 67 Build 6230"

So what date was Build 6230 released, and does that mean the "Document Version: 17 – 2019-03-21" is meaningless?

(14 Dec '20, 11:59) Breck Carter

THANK YOU for pointing this out.

Between November 1 of this year and today, the Adobe Security Settings for Behaviour-changes-and-whats-New-en.pdf have changed...

Nov 1: Modified: 3/5/2019 4:56:02 AM - File Size: 1,684,244 bytes

Today: Modified: 12/10/2020 8:00:30 AM - File Size: 1,693,686 bytes

However, the cover page still says this... PUBLIC SQL Anywhere Document Version: 17 – 2019-03-21

There are another 29 downloadable SQL Anywhere 17 Help PDFs.

Any guesses how many of them have been updated since 2019-03-21?

(14 Dec '20, 12:30) Breck Carter

This is being investigated. I will update when a resolution has been reached.

(14 Dec '20, 15:56) Chris Keating
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What is being investigated? The Help Portal seems to be working fine, and you got a green checkmark :)

(14 Dec '20, 16:27) Breck Carter

As you identified, the PDF file version should have been updated but the generator failed to set the date correctly. We will be correcting that and reposting. The documentation team appreciates your keen eye in identifying this issue. Other that the version, the PDF documentation content is correct.

(14 Dec '20, 22:00) Chris Keating
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Give the documentation team a green checkmark!

> keen eye

LOL... clearly I've been watching too many episodes of Dirk Gently :)

(15 Dec '20, 11:29) Breck Carter
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Did you know SAP has another place to ask SQL Anywhere questions?

permanent link

answered 11 Dec '20, 14:06

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Breck Carter
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edited 11 Dec '20, 14:21

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