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we are trying to connect a DAtabase running on another computer but it is failing.we are using sqlanywerhe 10 -we have tried with dbeng10 and dbsrv10 -while running up the database we have provided the option -x tcp/ip -we are able to ping the IP address successfully -but we didn't get the reply for db ping option. -odbc we are checking the TCP/ip option and provided the IP address and port

Finally we are getting database server not found issue.

asked 01 Oct '20, 13:12

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You must start the database with dbsrv10.exe if you want to make connections over the network.

Show us the dbsrv10 command line options.

Show us the text from the file dbsrv10 -o filename.txt

Show us the dbping command that doesn't work, and show us (copy and paste) the exact error message.

Show us the client connection string -c "..." that you have tried.

(01 Oct '20, 14:38) Breck Carter
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… and disable firewall on the server...

(02 Oct '20, 01:32) Vlad

(02 Oct '20, 09:00) Breck Carter

To whoever voted this question down: The "server not found" message is one of the most common and most frustrating errors with the ODBC interface to SQL Anywhere. IMO this question can be asked by anyone, at any time, as many times as required. Down-votes are a sign of selfishness and arrogance out of place on this forum.

(02 Oct '20, 09:13) Breck Carter

Also, try adding the LOGFILE parameter to the connection string as described here.

For example...

dbisql -c "DSN=SQL Anywhere 10 Demo;LOG=d:\logs\test.txt"
(02 Oct '20, 09:24) Breck Carter - what a wealth of memes:)

(02 Oct '20, 09:34) Volker Barth
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