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I have installed iAnywhere12 on my PC and on my windows mobile Device(With windows Mobile6.1). I opened up Sybase Central(12) and have created a Db named "test.db" with just 1 column "mynum" as decimal(With default uid="DBA", PWD="sql"). Now in my VS VB code, I have a connection to this Sybase DB. But I ca't connect to it in any way. I put the test.db in my Mobile folder: \Storage Card\CMDATA\PRODtestdb.db and I have dbsrv12.exe in my mobile folder \Program Files\SQLAny12\dbsrv12.exe.

------The VB code

Imports iAnywhere.Data.SQLAnywhere

Private Const CONNECTION_TIMEOUT As Integer = 60
Private Const DBSERVER_EXE As String = "\Program Files\SQLAny12\dbsrv12.exe"
Private Const CASEMAN_DB_FILE As String = "\Storage Card\CMDATA\PROD\test.db"

Dim connection As New SAConnection
Dim userId As String = "DBA" 
Dim password As String = "sql"
Dim connectionString As String = String.Format("UID={0};PWD={1};DBF={2};Connect Timeout={3};START= {4} -q -ga", userId, password, CASEMAN_DB_FILE, CONNECTION_TIMEOUT, DBSERVER_EXE)

connection = New SAConnection(connectionString)


Its crushing when trying to connect. I saw dbsrv12.exe is running but can't connect to the test.db file. Why I removed the uid and pass word and tried and did not work:
Dim connectionString As String = String.Format("DBF={0};START= {1}", CASEMAN_DB_FILE, DBSERVER_EXE)
connection = New SAConnection(connectionString)
-----Crushing here

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Breck Carter

  1. Which exact version and build of SQL Anywhere 12 are you running? (e.g.
  2. Which version of Compact Framework are you running?
  3. By "crushing" (I assume crashing), do you mean that it the Open method is throwing an exception or is the entire program really completely crashing and exiting? If it's throwing an exception, can you add a try { ... } catch { ... } around the operation and grab the exception details and stack?
(26 Sep '13, 18:42) Jeff Albion

I found the issue. I am running SQL Any12 with CF 3.5. I think When the database was created using Sybase Central12, it was based on ICU language set. I created a test database with UTF8BIN and the same code runs perfect, no connection problem. Does Sybase Central 12 has default set of collation to ICU when you create a new database?

Now how can I change my database file that is based on ICU into UTF8BIN? Its a huge dtabase file with lots of tables. we don't want to create it again.

(26 Sep '13, 20:17) SybaseLearner
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