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Hello, all

Is it possible to receive 08001 error for any other reason that network problems? We know that the server is running and sometimes users get this error: ERROR [08001] [Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Database server not found

It goes on for a few seconds and then comes back as if there was never a problem.

So, could it be anything else other than network issues? The IT dep tells us (what a shock...) that there are no network problems.

Thank you Arcady

asked 25 Feb '19, 08:18

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Arcady Abramov
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The v16 docs list many such errors, for example:

ODBC 2 state 08001 
ODBC 3 state 08001 
Parameter 1 Reason that database cannot be started. 
Severity 11 
Sybase error code 4001 

The specified database cannot be started. Either it does not exist, it is not a database, it is corrupt, or it is an older, unsupported format.

Therefore please check the SQLCODE or SQLSTATE error codes of the error you receive, they should be more specific...

For the error message "Database server not found" aka SQLCODE -100 you get:

The database server is not running, or is in the process of starting up or shutting down, or the interface library is unable to find it.

Using the LOG connection parameter on your client connection string seems worthwhile.

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answered 25 Feb '19, 09:03

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Volker Barth
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I read the manuals, thank you. I as asking if this particular error with this particular description can be returned on any event other than network error.

(25 Feb '19, 09:09) Arcady Abramov
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Ah, I see. While I cannot answer that, I still suggest to use the LOG parameter (and possibly the -z database server option to log on that side, as well).

(25 Feb '19, 09:20) Volker Barth

So, "not being able to find it" can be for any other reason other than network error, providing that the DB service is up and running and servicing other connections?

(25 Feb '19, 09:20) Arcady Abramov

OK, I managed to recreate the problem with the log file I am not sure it brought me closer to understanding the source of the problem. Why does it say "verification of server name failed"? Both machine and db server name are correct. Will setting verify=no help in this case?

These are the contents of the log:


Attempting to connect using:
12:23:05 Attempting to connect to a running server...
12:23:05 Attempting TCPIP connection (address found in sasrv.ini cache)
12:23:05 Looking for server with name g4_center_astral
12:23:05 Trying to find server at cached address without broadcasting
12:23:08 Verification of server name failed
12:23:08 A HOST value was specified, skipping LDAP check
12:23:08 Failed to connect over TCPIP
12:23:08 Removing failed address from sasrv.ini cache
12:23:08 Not attempting to autostart server

(26 Feb '19, 06:30) Arcady Abramov
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Is the contents of the sasrv.ini file correct, i.e. has the dababase server "g4_center_astral" the address ""?

Otherwise it seems that the cache routes the connection attempt to a wrong address and therefore fails.

If so, try omitting the .ini cache...

As the .ini file is stored locally, that could explain why different clients can resp. cannot reach the database server, even if they you exactly the same connection string.

See that trouble shooting page.

(26 Feb '19, 07:03) Volker Barth
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