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Greetings to all forum,

I have an application developed in PowerBuilder 9, the database engine is SQL Anywhere 11 64 bits, managed by Sybase Central 6, running on Windows 7 64bit, my application accesses the database THROUGH ODBC, for which I created sql anywhere service with user account "local system" with the following parameters.

-n Sales -c 1024m -x tcpip{serverport=2811} Y:DataSales.db

What I want is access to the database located on a network drive, but when I try to do Sybase Central shows me the Error "Can not Access Y: Data Sales.db: file does not exist", but the Service works well when accessing the database locally, please I need your help

Sorry by my english

asked 15 Jul '13, 20:20

Elio%20Cl%C3%ADmaco%20Herrera's gravatar image

Elio Clímaco...
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The local system account does not have access to network drives. You will have to either (1) change the service to run as another user that has access to the drive or (2) copy the file locally.

Note that using a file directly from a network share is not recommended anyway since it can lead to file corruption.

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answered 15 Jul '13, 21:19

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Graeme Perrow
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Thank you, very much

(16 Jul '13, 13:25) Elio Clímaco...
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