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I've generated a sample Mobilink project via the graphical wizard and obtained the cons_setup.sql and remote_setup.sql scripts. I can see that they're using a bunch of ml_* procedures/functions:

  • where are these documented on I managed to find the MobiLink server system procedures section, and can see a whole bunch of ml_* procedures documented there, but none of the ones that are used in the two SQL scripts above!
  • Starting from scratch and without the GUI, how does one install all the ml_* related tables and procs in a consolidated DB? Where is all of this documented?

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asked 09 Sep '20, 03:42

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For your reference, MobiLink existed long before the wizard, and no part of the wizard is required for MobiLink.

All the remote database MobiLink system objects are built in to every SQL Anywhere 17 database.

All the consolidated database MobiLink system objects must be installed by running the script in C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 17\MobiLink\Setup that matches the RDBMS running your consolidated database.

(09 Sep '20, 08:50) Breck Carter

See the docs for the according consolidated databases, to cite:

To set up a database so that it can be used as a MobiLink consolidated database, you must run a setup script. Your SQL Anywhere installation includes a script for each of the supported RDBMSs. These scripts are all located in %SQLANY17%\MobiLink\setup.

I cannot check this currently but IIRC the scripts should define those ML objects. And of course the scripts to define those vary for the different consolidated databases types.

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Volker Barth
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do you know where the ml_* function are documented?

(09 Sep '20, 09:52) saurabhnanda
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They are described in great detail in Parts of a MobiLink application".

The MobiLink consolidated architecture is event driven, so the ml_* procedures are referred to as event handlers, as in "SQL row handlers", also called "table events".

Here's an example of the detailed docs: download_cursor table event

For more information about how ml_add_table_script works, see the actual code in C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 17\MobiLink\Setup

(09 Sep '20, 15:16) Breck Carter
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answered 09 Sep '20, 09:56

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Reg Domaratzki
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Am I hitting a blind spot, or are the following functions, being used by the auto-generated script not present in that section? - ml_model_register_schema_use, ml_model_get_schema_action, ml_add_lang_conn_script_chk, and so on...

(09 Sep '20, 09:59) saurabhnanda

The ML system stored procedures added to support the MobiLink modeling wizard in SQL Central are intended only to be used by SQL Central and are not documented.

(09 Sep '20, 10:06) Reg Domaratzki
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