Hi, I'm trying to establish if Mobilink 16 is officially supported to run against Oracle 12.2. The matrix I found last year showed just 'Oracle 12', but the link to that is now defunct.

The Mobi server starts up OK, but when I run a sync, I get an error "..wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'ML_GET_BLOCKED_INFO' "

All works fine on Oracle 12.1

asked 11 Jun '20, 13:15

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but the link to that is now defunct.

Well, in my testing the topic "MobiLink consolidated databases" contains a link to the subtopic "Recommended ODBC Drivers For MobiLink", but

link to empty or unfitting pages...

That's "MobiUnLink", methinks.

The "last working" link seems to be:


but that's very probably not actual, as is misses current versions if other DBMS.

(15 Jun '20, 08:58) Volker Barth
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Hi Volker,

I did find this link, from a comment of yours;


and this shows Moblink 16 as working with Oracle 12.1

I can't find any evidence of Mobilink 16 (or 17) working with Oracle 12.2 either, I think that I will stick with Oracle 12.1



(15 Jun '20, 11:43) BillTebbs
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