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Is there a way to change the 'Default field Separator' for the import/Export in Sybase 17 in CMD? The defualt separator is ';' and I want to change it to ',' using a batch file, rather than DBISQL->Tools->Options->Import/Export. Thanks in advance for any help

asked 03 Dec '18, 19:19

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The Data Export/Import Wizards are a GUI around the DBISQL OUTPUT/INPUT commands, and when you have used them, the according commands including options are shown in DBISQL's history and therefore can easily be copied and adapted for further usage.

So when you want to use INPUT/OUTPUT via batches, you can easily specify the delimiter via the according INPUT resp. OUTPUT DELIMITED BY clauses.

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answered 04 Dec '18, 03:50

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Volker Barth
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I am unloading the contents of tables from an old version of DB whose separator is ',' (using dbunload), and then use the generated unload.sql file to import/input the data into a new empty database whose separator is ';' (using dbisql). In this case I have to go on each input statemtn in the generated unload.sql and change the delimiter, which is big text processing work. Another slution could be if the dbunload does offer an option to define the delimiter while unloading (which is so far in Sybase 10 not available).

(04 Dec '18, 04:13) Baron

Excuse me but I didnt get the point of the history! Is it possible to retrieve such changes also from DBISQL->SQL->History? In this place I see only the history of SQL statements carried out in DBISQL, whereas the change which I am looking for is in the settings (probably saved in windows registry!)

(04 Dec '18, 04:18) Baron

The History tab only records SQL statements. It will not have changes made to the configuration (behaviour) of DBISQL. The dbisql configuration information is maintained in .isqlPreferences17_<bitness> i.e., -.isqlPreferences17_64.

The default separator setting is used in the generated INPUT/OUTPUT statements - it is provided in the DELIMITED BY '<dbisql_separator>' that is generated.

You can Copy or Save from the popup menu on the history tab. You can Copy one or more rows or save the history. The Show dropdown controls which SQL is displayed. For example, "SQL Run on all databases" will include statements from past runs of the DBISQL.

(04 Dec '18, 06:53) Chris Keating

OK, thanks for the help, but is this option DB-specific or environment specific? Why I cant find this option in the SYSOPTION table? Is there also a possibility in Sybase 17 to change the value of: DBISQL->Extras->Optionen->SQL Anywhere->Kürzungslänge?

(04 Dec '18, 06:56) Baron

Thank you, I've found it: SET OPTION truncation_length=500;

(04 Dec '18, 07:28) Baron

Ah, I think I misunderstood your question. There is the DBISQL option "isql_field_separator" which you can set via SET OPTION to the desired value, such as:

SET OPTION isql_field_separator=',';

or change it to the default by

SET OPTION isql_field_separator=;
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answered 04 Dec '18, 06:20

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Volker Barth
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