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SA16 crashes when I try to import certain ESRI shapefiles.

It works for some .shp files and not for others.

The message is "Sybase Central Internal Error" (I've reported the ID(s) 984945 984946).

I'm running SQL Anywhere 16, Version

Has anyone else had this problem?

Terry Wilkinson

asked 19 Sep '14, 14:14

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Terry Wilkinson
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FWIW, I found a work-around for this problem. I used the opensource program MapWindow GIS to read the problematic shapefile and then resave it. That seems to have fixed whatever was tripping up SA16, and I can now do the import. Terry

(20 Sep '14, 08:45) Terry Wilkinson

It sounds like there is something...unique...about your shapefile. In order to correct the issue, I'm sure it would be immensely helpful if you could provide one of the problematic shapefiles. Assuming, of course, that it does not violate any privacy or proprietary information policies.

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answered 20 Sep '14, 09:01

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Phil Mitchell
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It turns out that we are not licensed to share the problematic shapefile, so I guess we'll have to hope that the reported error ID's are enough for SPA to diagnose the problem. Too bad.. Terry

(22 Sep '14, 13:00) Terry Wilkinson

You can ask for help via support tickets.

(24 Sep '14, 03:41) Vlad

We can tell that there is something going on with the date data but it would be helpful to understand what it is inside the shape file that is leading to this.

Is there a way we can identify the shape files (from what source) or if you have identified the nature of the dates (that MapView GIS converted)?

(25 Sep '14, 15:23) Nick Elson S...

Thanks for identifying this issue.

A fix to prevent this crash will be available in a future EBF/SP of 16 and 12.0.1. Change Reference#: 771429

(26 Sep '14, 16:49) Nick Elson S...

Thanks guys. I had a drive failure and have been offline for a couple of days. It sounds like you identified the problem, but FWIW, I did notice that the dates in the 'good' .dbf files were YYYYMMDD, while the dates in the 'bad' files were YYYY-MM-DD (with the hyphens).

(29 Sep '14, 11:32) Terry Wilkinson
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