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How do I address the command exactly within the OSX terminal ?

./dbinfo -u /Applications/SQLAnywhere17/System/demo.db

Whats wrong with that?

thx for your help, guys!

asked 20 Sep '18, 11:28

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The dbinfo utility is a client server application that needs to connect to a running database; it is not a file utility that directly reads the physical file.

I don't speak OSX, but here is a Windoze-Speak command that auto-starts and connects to the demo database

dbinfo -u -c "UID=DBA;PWD=sql;DBF=%SQLANYSAMP12%\demo.db"

I had to use the V12 demo database because apparently my Windoze PATH points to the V12 software first (stupid Windoze PATH:)

(20 Sep '18, 11:51) Breck Carter
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Here is the equivalent MacOS command line (assuming that you have sourced SQL Anywhere 17): ./dbinfo -u -c "uid=dba;pwd=sql;dbf=/Applications/SQLAnywhere17/System/demo.db"

If you continue to have problems, please post the error message and/or behavior that you encountering.

(20 Sep '18, 12:09) Chris Keating
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I see. Speaking of which, what commands can I use to read the db file directly?

(20 Sep '18, 12:29) macsche

Thx for your help Chris! Unfortunally I got a parse error:

SQL Anywhere Information Utility Version Parse error: Missing '=' near '/Applications/SQLAnywhere17/System/demo.db'

What do I miss?

(20 Sep '18, 12:30) macsche

You did not miss anything. I failed to include "dbf=" prior to the database file reference. I have edited my response with the correction.

(20 Sep '18, 12:39) Chris Keating

Hehe, no worries thanks. BTW do you know a way to connect to a Version 12 File?

It worked after setting dbf= in but i got:

SQL Anywhere Information Utility Version Unable to start specified database: '/Volumes/Barrel_Immo/test/test.db.txt' was created by a different version of the software

I seems I need to have another tool, right?

(20 Sep '18, 13:04) macsche

SQL Anywhere Version 17 should be able to start a v12 database... but it will depend on what version was used to create your v12 database. I.e. There is likely a capability in your v12 database that your v17.0.0.1063 software does not understand (and hence the message that you are getting). I'd recommend that you upgrade your v17 software to a more recent version (build 1063 is quite old; latest Mac released version is build 4838) and try again.

(20 Sep '18, 13:53) Mark Culp

You cannot "read the db file" directly... unless you want to see the binary bytes of the file :-) The only program that understands the database file is the SQL Anywhere Server (either dbengX or dbsrvX). Once you start the database on the server, then you can use dbisql[c] to connect to the server/database and issue arbitrary SQL statements to see what data is in the database. HTH

(20 Sep '18, 13:58) Mark Culp
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