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We are using the version of SQLAnywhere and some of our client have these error message :

I. 09/14 13:38:38. Connection terminated abnormally; error code 65
I. 09/14 13:38:38. Disconnected TCPIP client's AppInfo: IP=;HOST=Ludovic-CESSAC.local;OSUSER=l.cessac;OS='Darwin 17.6.0 x86_64';EXE='/Applications/8sens sybase/';PID=0x1bd;THREAD=0xa983c1c0;VERSION=;API=CAPI_SQLAPI;TIMEZONEADJUSTMENT=120

I. 09/14 13:2

6:04. Connection terminated abnormally; error code 60
I. 09/14 13:26:04. Disconnected TCPIP client's AppInfo: IP=;HOST=Yvan-LARA.local;OSUSER=y.lara;OS='Darwin 17.7.0 x86_64';EXE='/Applications/8sens sybase/';PID=0x283;THREAD=0xa98561c0;VERSION=;API=CAPI_SQLAPI;TIMEZONEADJUSTMENT=120

I search in the documentation for error code 60 or 65, but I find nothing.

So if someone know what does it mean or the cause of the issue.

asked 18 Sep '18, 12:35

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I succeeded to reproduce the error 60 and 65. It happen when our application crash under certains circonstances.

Thanks all for your help.

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answered 20 Sep '18, 03:42

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The error messages are telling you that the connection to the client was terminated because of an error that was raised by the OS when the server was doing an operation on the socket (e.g. read). The error code (60 and 65 in this case) is the OS error code.

It looks like your client is running on Mac OS, but Mac OS error codes 60 and 65 are disk related so I am going to presume that your server is not running on a Mac? [Edit: see comments - error codes 60/65 are ETIMEOUT and EHOSTUNREACH!]

For a similar reason I am going to assume that your service is not running on Linux (since these error codes don't make sense in your scenario).

Therefore I am going to presume that your server is running on Windows. The Windows error codes 60 and 65 are network related ("remote adapter not compatible" and "network access denied") - it seems to be a bit strange to be getting these errors after a successful connect ... but you may be having other network issues that is causing these errors as a side effect.

If my analysis is correct, I would check your network adapter hardware and/or system log for network related errors. Your hardware is likely failing intermittently. (but this is just a guess)

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answered 18 Sep '18, 12:59

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Mark Culp
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edited 19 Sep '18, 12:10

Thanks for your reply.

Ok so the error code is the OS error code, and unfortunately in this case the server is running on macOS.

(19 Sep '18, 04:19) Ben8sens
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DuckDuckGo says this...

badMDBErr = -60, /bad master directory block/

fontNotDeclared = -65, /font not declared/

offLinErr = -65, /r/w requested for an off-line drive/

(19 Sep '18, 09:25) Breck Carter

On OSX, error 60 is ETIMEDOUT (operation timed out) and error 65 is EHOSTUNREACH (no route to host).

(19 Sep '18, 10:05) John Smirnios
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@Breck: Let John Google That For You:)

(19 Sep '18, 10:55) Volker Barth

@Volker: I seriously doubt John googled anything, since this google search

osx error code 60

gives hits like this What is error code 60, and how does it happen?

which says stuff like this

adMDBErr = -60, /bad master directory block/

which means this: Mac docs suck, or I'm an idiot, so I won't ever try to answer a Mac question again :)

(19 Sep '18, 11:18) Breck Carter

I seriously doubt that, too, because he certainly has the according header files.

But searching for "errno max osx" should give some clues for us non-Mac experts, too:) - as long as "errno" comes to mind. (It did not for me, obviously.)

(19 Sep '18, 11:37) Volker Barth

Well, I did google it and hit the same info that you saw Breck... which is why I wrote what I wrote. I was obviously wrong. (I should have looked at the header files! :) ETIMEOUT and EHOSTUNREACH makes way more sense in this scenario. It still means that the client/server communications are getting network errors.

(19 Sep '18, 12:06) Mark Culp
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