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Will there be another SQL Anywhere Developer conference?

asked 06 Jan '18, 07:07

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Breck Carter
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Volker Barth

I have never been there, but I am wondering what do you usually discuss there? Is there anything new/interesting that one could learn, and he will never find this info on Internet?

(06 Jan '18, 10:02) Vlad
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In the past it's been a mixture of product presentations, in depth looks at particular new or existing features, opportunities to discuss the future, the way people use the product etc + lots of chances to buttonhole developers etc. Also the odd bit of drinking socialising. Basically all pretty good stuff!

These things are a big commitment to organise, but, in my opinion, very worthwhile.

(07 Jan '18, 15:55) Justin Willey

See the other FAQs with the *-summit tags for previous conferences...

(08 Jan '18, 03:55) Volker Barth

Thank you Volker. I liked a single reply, where it has been said that no recordings were made :)

(08 Jan '18, 04:01) Vlad

I would love to see this happen.

(08 Jan '18, 09:47) Siger Matt
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