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I'm curious what SAP/Sybase's plans are for any kind of Summit again this year???

Felt that the Summit that was held last year was a great success. However, been looking at the TechEd site, and it does look like there are at least a small group of sessions available for SQL Anywhere. Didn't know if that was going to be increased.

Just curious if anybody could enlighten us on the possibilities of a 2013 Summit!!


Jeff Gibson
Intercept Solutions - Sybase SQL Anywhere OEM Partner
Nashville, TN

asked 12 Jul '13, 19:23

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Jeff Gibson
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FWIW I've been keeping an eye on the TechEd Educational Sessions Overview page and no sessions have showed up yet in the "Mobile (MOB)" section at the bottom.

(12 Jul '13, 19:51) Breck Carter

For the record...

The 2013 SAP TechEd conference will be held on October 21 to 25 in Las Vegas.

The 2012 SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere Technical Training Summit was held on November 14 and 15, 2012, in Waterloo, Ontario.

It is now Summer Vacation Time in Canada, happens ever year around this time, lasts for a couple of weeks... so, govern your expectations accordingly :)

(14 Jul '13, 09:19) Breck Carter
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Would be nice to know if they decide to do another summit. That was a really cool concept up there at the Waterloo offices. The price break is amazing for TechEd. Based on what I'm seeing I would probably go simply for the SQL Anywhere items they will cover. Appreciate the heads up on that Breck!!

(16 Jul '13, 17:26) Jeff Gibson

The TechEd "MOB" (mobile) sessions have shown up... no mention of SQL Anywhere or MobiLink whatsoever.

(07 Aug '13, 06:01) Breck Carter

This email was received from ISUG...

ISUG-TECH wants to let our Associate Members know that by upgrading now to a Gold membership, you can attend SAP's TechEd Conference in Las Vegas, October 21-25, 2013, for a special discounted price.

SAP has made available a limited number of special "lecture only" passes that can be purchased for just $1695, a $1100 savings of the cost of the full conference pass. These passes are available only to ISUG-TECH Gold Members, and enable the pass holder to attend all keynotes, lecture sessions and special events at the conference, along with access to the exhibit hall and clubhouse. (Holders of the pass will not be able to register for or attend any hands-on workshops.)

These special passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of available passes is limited, so do not wait until the last minute to register – you may be too late!

Registration instructions are available on the 'My Benefits' page for Gold members. Do not share these instructions with other people. Every registration will be verified for ISUG-TECH Gold membership. Registrations from people that are not Gold members are subject to cancellation by SAP.

We worked hard to get this special pass for our Gold members in order to make the cost of attending the conference more in line with the old Sybase TechWave events upto 2008. We felt that sacrificing the hands-on workshops was well worth the ability for more former Sybase customers to be able to participate in a conference that is larger than any Sybase conference ever was.

As an Associate Member this is a fantastic opportunity, You get to attend SAP TechEd Las Vegas for a greatly reduced price and get to experience the top tier of ISUG-TECH benefits. So please make the extra effort to get to TechEd this year. You can begin the process by upgrading now. And as an extra incentive, we're offering a special sale price for upgrading. For the next 2 weeks, you can upgrade for just $269, a 10% savings on the regular membership price. This still means a saving of over $800 on the price of the conference! Simply contact us and ask for the upgrade discount code for Associate Members.

And, if you have colleagues wanting to attend that are not Gold members, stay tuned for our refer-a-member campaign coming in the next few days!

For more information about the conference and to leave feedback, please visit our blog entry for this benefit.

See you in Las Vegas!

The ISUG-TECH Benefits Team

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answered 15 Jul '13, 12:00

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Breck Carter
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For some of the tools in the SAP house they don't get much exposure at the conferences. I submitted 6 abstracts for the Business Objects conference last fall that were all Data Services related. None of them were accepted. I went anyhow and there were very few Data Services related sessions beyond the "What's New" type sessions. I was rather bored. I submitted five of the same six but with different titles and two of them were accepted for the conference this fall. Go figure. Will there be any Data Services attendees? Probably not many but I'll keep all two of them entertained.

I presented at the Sapphire conference this spring. It was a session on how my company used SAP tools to do sentiment analysis. There were not many attendees to the session. But Sapphire was a conference full of suits and not many pencil-necked geeks.

I miss the Sybase TechWave conferences that were jam packed with technical sessions.

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answered 19 Jul '13, 15:21

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I also wish TechWave would come back

(19 Jul '13, 18:38) TPS
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