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Not here, one supposes...

alt text

...but where?

Don't say "Waterloo" because that includes this...

alt text

asked 05 Sep '14, 09:34

Breck%20Carter's gravatar image

Breck Carter
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edited 05 Sep '14, 09:42

Waterloo.... But this specific location in Waterloo, rather than your unlikely suggestion above:

alt text

permanent link

answered 05 Sep '14, 09:59

Chris%20Kleisath's gravatar image

Chris Kleisath
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...any hotel recommendation? cots in the cafeteria? alt text

(05 Sep '14, 10:26) Breck Carter

BTW: Here's a Map of the Waterloo, it may or may not help...

(05 Sep '14, 11:00) Volker Barth
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Other Waterloo's are available eg:

(05 Sep '14, 12:17) Justin Willey

Wasn't Sierra Leone a famous director?

From the archives at, circa 2000...

Alert reader John Mihelic wrote in to correct us on our claim, made in last week's Hit & Run, that the nation of Sierra Leone directed the "spaghetti westerns" of the 1960s. The actual director of these films was Sergio Leone. Suck regrets the error, and we'd particularly like to thank Mr. Mihelic for the patience with which he explained the various categories of Leones when our new fact checker called him for confirmation:

Hi, this is Barney Dunne. I'm a fact checker at, and I'm calling about that error you wrote us about?


Yeah, we really apologize for that. We're gonna fix that up right away. I was just hoping you might be able to help us with making the correction? All right.

Well first, which films did Sierra Leone direct?

It wasn't Sierra. It was Sergio Leone. S-E-R-G-I-O.

Oh, OK, so who is Sierra Leone?

That's just a country in Africa. Get it?

Oh, wait a second. No, I don't.

Sierra Leone is not a person who directed films. It's a country. Sergio Leone is a film director. He just died recently. And all the spaghetti westerns, which are the original Clint Eastwood movies, the ones that made his reputation as an actor, were directed by an Italian guy named Sergio Leone. That's why they're called spaghetti westerns.

So Sierra Leone is in Africa?

It's an African country, yes.

So, well, what does Sierra Leone have to do with Clint Eastwood? I don't understand.

Well, in the column, the reference was made to spaghetti westerns made by, or made in, Sierra Leone. They weren't made in Sierra Leone; they were made by an Italian director named Sergio Leone.

[Fretful sighing sounds]

...continued at

(05 Sep '14, 13:38) Breck Carter

Oh, sorry, I have just noticed the map is for Waterloo V1. Never mind.

(08 Sep '14, 03:40) Volker Barth
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