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I am wondering how to find the equivalent procedure to 'sa_sync_sub' which is responsible for writing in SYSREMOTEUSERS. While translating the Transaction log file of synchronised DB using Mobilink I can find how Mobilink is writing in SYSSYNC but can't find it while using dbremote.

asked 21 Sep '17, 07:42

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dbremote is the only process that should be making changes to the SYS.SYSREMOTEUSER table. We do not document or broadcast how to make changes to this system table other than running dbremote.

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answered 11 Oct '17, 11:12

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Reg Domaratzki
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So you are asking for a stored procedure with 'remoteuser' as part of the name?

Find out yourself...

Note, if that would exist, I would not know if is is called by the message agent.

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answered 21 Sep '17, 09:22

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Volker Barth
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No, I don't mean that the name of the procedre should include 'remoteuser', but I ask how are the progress values written in SYSREMOTEUSERS (log_sent, confirm_sent...etc.)

(21 Sep '17, 09:47) Baron
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Well, it's officially undocumented, and I won't reveal that, so I just tried to help you find out yourself...

(21 Sep '17, 10:31) Volker Barth

If it is not documented then is not possible to figure out. I found it by chance while unloading a database!

Now I have it ;)

(24 Oct '19, 18:46) Baron

I guess you can use DBTRAN with the -sr option and possibly with -u for the user running the message agent to capture these values.

Note, in my tests with v12.0.1, an accordingly translated log has comment lines like the following, containing the log offset information:

--CONNECT-1007-02520842547-RemUser-2017-05-08 09:50
--BEGIN TRANSACTION-1007-02520842562
--CONNECT-1003-02520842599-RemUser-2017-05-08 09:50
--BEGIN TRANSACTION-1003-02520842614

In other words:

In my understanding, the modifications on system table SYSREMOTEUSER are not contained as DML statements (nor as stored procedure call, as I had suspected) but as comments. Nevertheless I guess you should be able to read the relevant values from those comment lines.

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answered 26 Sep '17, 08:08

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Volker Barth
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edited 27 Sep '17, 04:57

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