I'm trying to find out how I can check which remotes are out of sync? I know that sysremoteuser gives some data, but I don't know how to interpret this data.

On of there reason I want to know this is because my transactionlog files are not getting cleaned up. I still have a files from 2 years ago. I have set the option that deletes the the log files when they are not needed anymore. Since they are not getting deleted I assume that the synchronisation has a need for that file.

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The following link describes the purpose of all the columns in the sysremoteuser table :


(23 Apr '20, 10:49) Reg Domaratzki

Here's a small query we have used to find remotes that have not sync'ed lately, i.e. ordered by the maximum difference between log_sent and confirm_sent:

select  user_name, time_received, log_sent, confirm_sent, log_sent-confirm_sent as NotYetConfirmed,
from sys.sysremoteusers
order by NotYetConfirmed desc, user_name;

So the first entries show the most inactive remotes, possibly because they have not sync'ed at all or it was not successful.

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