Is there one available somewhere for SQL Anywhere like there is for ASE? (v10.0.1)

asked 12 Dec '09, 02:19

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AFAIK there is no system tables poster for SQL Anywhere. It's an interesting idea, here are some random thoughts...

In an empty 11.0.1 database there are 111 base tables with 715 columns and 128 foreign keys. That doesn't include the MobiLink ml_* system tables which are interesting to a lot of people. It also doesn't include 29 global temporary system tables with 251 columns and 118 system views with 854 columns.

Why would anyone care about a system view? Well, for one thing, you cannot SELECT * FROM ISYSTAB (the system base table) but you have to SELECT * FROM SYSTAB (the system view).

The diagram should probably show the views (SYSTAB etc) because that's what people can use, and it should show the relationships among them (even though foreign keys don't actually exist among views).

That brings up another question: What the heck is SYSTAB? A lot of people only understand SYSTABLE which was the old pre-V10 name for the Number One System Table. Now, in V10 and V11, SYSTABLE is a legacy-backwards-compatibility view... should it be on the poster? Probably not.

Creating a poster would be a labor of love, the result would be a piece of art... never mind whether there's demand, I'm not sure there's an artist interested in creating it ( true artists don't need demand :)

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answered 12 Dec '09, 09:05

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