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I have a VPN where I started two ASA database with the same SERVER NAME, using ODBC, but when trying to connect in the database, is presenting the following message:

Duplicate Database name 'DBTEST'

How do I resolve this situation?

In TCPIP I informed (specifically for each connection)   Host = 2640   Host = 2640

Connecting via Sybase Central does not make the connection smooth.

Anyone who can help me, I thank you.

asked 13 Jul '17, 22:30

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Walmir Taques
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Show us exactly how you started the server(s) and database(s), and exactly how you (tried to) connect.

Adding DOBROADCAST=NONE to the connection string sometimes solves weird network connection problems... also include HOST=[ipaddress].

(14 Jul '17, 06:29) Breck Carter
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Command Line Started in IP "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 9\win32\dbsrv9.exe" -ch 2096M -n DBTEST -x TCPIP{port=2651} "D:\TEST\2016\DBTEST.DB"

Started in IP "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 9\win32\dbsrv9.exe" -ch 2096M -n DBTEST -x TCPIP{port=2640} "D:\TEST\2017\DBTEST.DB"

(14 Jul '17, 08:40) Walmir Taques

Do you really need to use the same server name?

(14 Jul '17, 09:08) JBSchueler
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@JBSchueler At the moment the stores have several stations connected in this Server name, changing the server name would be very laborious, but if you can not do it, I will have to change.

(14 Jul '17, 09:21) Walmir Taques

Please show us the exact connection string that failed, as requested.

(14 Jul '17, 09:25) Breck Carter

Will you be able to change the connection string used by the failing station?

(14 Jul '17, 09:27) Breck Carter

Please show us the exact message text.

"Duplicate Database name" is not likely what appeared.

(14 Jul '17, 09:30) Breck Carter

Yes, I can change.

I added it in ODBC DOBROADCAST = NONE, but it did not work.

ODBC Image

(14 Jul '17, 09:38) Walmir Taques

By not work, do you mean you get the same error as before or a different one? If different, do you have HOST= in the TCPIP box i.e., HOST=IP:PORT;DOBROADCAST=NONE

I would expect an error HOST= is not supplied. In testing, the error is (Ctrl+C on the message window):

Connection failed: Connection error: Error in TCPIP port options

(14 Jul '17, 10:56) Chris Keating

And what client version do you use? Is this SA 9.0.2, too, or a newer version?

(14 Jul '17, 11:20) Volker Barth
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