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Im trying to call a webservice with PUT over https, but i get an error that i do not understand. The call works with Postman.

Could not execute statement.

HTTP request failed. Status code '<none>'

SQLCODE=-983, ODBC 3 State="HY000"

Line 1, column 1

Procedure is

ALTER FUNCTION "DBA"."OpenURLPUT"( in u text ) 
returns xml
url '!u' 
type 'HTTP:PUT:text/plain'
certificate 'file=C:\\Database\\certificates\\cert.crt'

cert.crt is certificate of the domain i am calling

asked 03 Apr '17, 06:25

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The error message that you are receiving indicates that there was a problem communicating with the remote server: either sending the request or no response was received back. You may be able to get more information if you turned on http client logging using

call sa_server_option( 'WebClientLogFile', 'provide-a-file-name.txt' );
call sa_server_option( 'WebClientLogging', 'ON' );

If you do not specify the WebClientLogFile then the output will go to the server console log. See WebClientLogging for more information.


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answered 03 Apr '17, 08:44

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Mark Culp
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Thank you, this helps. I get [connid = 364, Error: socket closed by peer] [connid = 364, socket closed]

both for GET and PUT so it looks like it is certificate error

(03 Apr '17, 09:19) Audun
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If you can update your comment with the results/findings, I will appreciate this.


(04 Apr '17, 05:45) Vlad
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