Please help with config file for starting SQL Anywhere Windows service with HTTPS and 2 listeners. While starting dbsrv12.exe via cmd console, server starts and runing without errors:

"C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 12\Bin64\dbsrv12.exe" -dt C:\TEMP -c 1G -n fire_web -x tcpip(MyIP=;ServerPort=5000;DoBroadCast=No) -xs http(Port=8050;MaxRequestSize=70m;LOPT=ALL,HEADERS;LOG=D:\BASE\WebAccsess.log),https(identity=D:\BASE\CERTIFICATE.pem;identity_password=PASSWORD;port=443) -o D:\BASE\messages.log -oe D:\BASE\startup.log D:\BASE\DATABASE.db -n DATABASE

But when starting Windows service with config file:

-o D:\BASE\messages.log -dt C:\TEMP -c 1G -n fire_web -x tcpip(MyIP=;ServerPort=5000;DoBroadCast=No) -xs http(Port=8050;MaxRequestSize=70m;LOPT=ALL,HEADERS;LOG=D:\BASE\WebAccsess.log),https(identity=D:\BASE\CERTIFICATE.pem;identity_password=PASSWORD ;port=443) D:\BASE\DATABASE.db -n DATABASE

service not starting. Please take a look on ,https(identity=D:\BASE\CERTIFICATE.pem;identity_password=PASSWORD;port=443)" part. This parameter runs 2nd listener with HTTPS and without this parameter writing with comma, server starts and running. Can't understand why this happens. Any suggestions ?

asked 13 Oct '17, 02:47

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What message do you get? What build are you using? I've tried this and it works for me using

(13 Oct '17, 08:21) Mark Culp

Could it be the service account does not have access to the identity file? - Although that sounds rather improbable when it resides within the same directory as the database file...

(13 Oct '17, 10:45) Volker Barth
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