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UltraLite has a ODBC driver UltraLite17. There is no DSN available to use it. ODBC Data Source Manager (x64) allows you to create a DSN, but it is not useful as there is no provider information. Is this driver just for administration of server?

asked 27 Mar '17, 21:06

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I believe that driver is only for use with SQL Central, dbisql and limited remote access from the database server. If you try to create a DSN using any version of that from (12, 16 or 17, possibly earlier) you will get a popup stating

"DSN support is not available. The driver is limited to SQL Anywhere UltraLite administration utilities only."

It probably was never available as a generic ODBC driver. In fact I believe support for an UL ODBC API was (otherwise) removed from supported (more classic) Static ODBC UltraLite {see UltraLite ODBC API no longer supported}

By no provider information, I suspect you are finding the call to SQLGetInfo( ) and the like return nothing useful. If so that would be due it's limited use (above).

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answered 27 Mar '17, 21:22

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The x32 bit ODBC Data Source Manager returns the message you quote. The x64 bit ODBC Data Source Manager actually provides an ODBC DSN.

(28 Mar '17, 16:29) mysorian

That is odd ... must be due to the build you are running with on the 32bit side being different than the one I am running ... I get it with both Driver Managers.

(28 Mar '17, 17:04) Nick Elson S...

That should not be the case. Both bitness should report the same message "DSN support is not available. This driver is limited to SQL Anywhere UltraLite administration tools only." if you attempt to access or create a DSN using the UltraLite driver. If it does not, it is not behaving correctly.

As Nick has already communicated, UltraLite does not have an ODBC interface. It must be accessed via one of its supported APIs.

(28 Mar '17, 17:06) Chris Keating
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