With DBISQL v16, by default the File menu seems to show the last 4 recently used files. However, on one of my boxes, it shows 10 such files, and I'd like to have that on other machines, as well.

However, I don't find an option to set that.

So how/where can I change that setting?

(Using and

Here's a snippet from two DBISQL v16 instances, as stated the left one does show wayyy more files...

alt text

asked 21 Nov '16, 06:04

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Volker Barth
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With 16.0.0, you get at most 10 files. With 17.0, you get at most 4 files. The names are pulled from the mruList in C:\Users\your-windows-user-id\AppData\Roaming\sybase\DBISQL 16\.isqlPreferences16_64 which can be quite lengthy. I assume there is also a "32" version of this file. Perhaps that is why you see different numbers of files.

BTW, I have been speaking "Windows" here.

Also check Help/About Interactive SQL for version information.

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answered 22 Nov '16, 13:08

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Volker Barth

Well, in my case these are both v16 instances, both as 64-bit versions, so as you state 10 files should be allowed.

However, I added more file names to the "mruList" entry in the according preferences file, and now they are shown as wanted. Thanks!

(23 Nov '16, 00:56) Volker Barth

There is no way to change the number of recently used files tracked in DBISQL (v12 and later, possibly earlier)

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answered 22 Nov '16, 09:02

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So how come the program does behave differently, then?

In the sample shown above, if I open a different file in the right instance, the MRU files list will get updated but still only holds 4 entries...

(22 Nov '16, 09:14) Volker Barth
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