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Hi again,

is it possible to select more than one value (like this:)

SELECT PROPERTY ( 'value1','value2' );


asked 02 Jan '16, 10:29

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As Breck has stated, PROPERTY() is a function, so if you want to call it with several arguments, you simply have to call it once for each argument, such as

SELECT PROPERTY ('NumPhysicalProcessors'), PROPERTY('NumPhysicalProcessorsUsed');

and if you really need only one resulting value, you can concat the values as you like, say

SELECT PROPERTY ('NumPhysicalProcessors') || '/' || PROPERTY('NumPhysicalProcessorsUsed') AS myResult;
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answered 03 Jan '16, 09:05

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Volker Barth
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PROPERTY only returns one value because it is a function and that's what functions do.

The sa_eng_properties() procedure returns a result set which can be manipulated in a variety of ways depending on how you like your multiple values presented...

SELECT sa_eng_properties.PropName,
  FROM sa_eng_properties()
 WHERE sa_eng_properties.PropName IN ( 'NumPhysicalProcessors', 'NumPhysicalProcessorsUsed' )
 ORDER BY sa_eng_properties.PropName;


SELECT LIST ( sa_eng_properties.Value, 
              ', ' 
              ORDER BY sa_eng_properties.PropName ) AS "List of Properties" 
  FROM sa_eng_properties()
 WHERE sa_eng_properties.PropName IN ( 'NumPhysicalProcessors', 'NumPhysicalProcessorsUsed' );

List of Properties
1, 1
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answered 02 Jan '16, 10:59

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Breck Carter
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