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Using, I just accidentally noticed that a DBISQL session had been re-established after a short network problem. (I was not even aware that DBISQL can do that...)

The server log shows the typical "Dropped client connection entry" but DBISQL has not presented a visual sign of the re-connect to me. (If it has shown a message temporarily, well, I was not sitting in front of the machine during the re-connect. - And no, I was no causing the network problem, either:))

I'm asking because I noticed the re-connect simply because a connection variable that had been used before was no longer valid when I ran the next statement, and thereby leading to a different behaviour - in my case an error message but otherwise somesting unexpected could have taken place, as well.

An automatic re-connect may be a helpful feature, but when the re-established connection does not inherit all properties of the original one (because that may be not possible, I'd think, and at least it has a different connection number), a warning should be issued.

BTW: Is that re-connection feature documented?

asked 22 Sep '16, 06:39

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Volker Barth
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I agree that automatic reconnection should always be accompanied by a message to that effect, and not just in the Messages tab.

...or, an option to turn off automatic reconnection altogether.

I have also experienced "unintended consequences" of ISQL's new silent reconnection feature. In an environment where databases are being stopped and started with great rapidity, it is entirely possible for ISQL to reconnect to an entirely different database instance. It may be possible to carefully craft the connection string to avoid surprises but the rules for connection string behavior are so complex (and changing!) that "carefully craft" is beyond my ken.

In response to the new behavior, I regularly shut down and restart all ISQL sessions after any databases are stopped, started or (in the case of HA and Scale Out) shuffled about.

(22 Sep '16, 07:16) Breck Carter
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