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While trying to use the nice DBISQL Import/Export facility to import data from a different database (directly from that database, not via text file), I noticed that the assistant ignores tables owned by dbo.

In my dev database, all user tables are owned by "dbo", too (due to my (bad) MS SQL habits...), and the assistant lists no tables to import from. Unfortunately, I have not found any option to adapt that behaviour (say, like Sybase Central's "owner filter").

The export shows the same filtering: Tables owned by dbo are not listed as target tables.

Why is that?

(I managed to work around by taking the opposite direction, i.e. by exporting the dbo-owned tables into the source database which - somewhat luckiliy - uses a different schema so those tables are listed as desired.)

Note, I'm not able to use the export/import via text files as the tables contain BLOBs making a CSV-like format problematic...

I'm using here.

I'm aware that the particular "dbo" owner is less common in SQL Anywhere than in ASE/MS SQL, and I do understand that the according schema may be hidden by default when dealing with user tables, however IMHO there should be an option to treat "dbo" as first-citizen schemata here, too...

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This comment is for Other People: dbo is similar to CHAR versus VARCHAR... inside SQL Anywhere dbo is just another user, and CHAR/VARCHAR mean exactly the same thing, BUT some client software treat them differently (dbo is treated like a system account, and CHAR is treated as if it was fixed-length). That's why Old Geezers say things like "don't use dbo" :)

(29 Apr '16, 07:42) Breck Carter
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"don't use dbo"

From a SQL Anywhere point of view, certainly (and I have noticed other problems as well, say, with dbo-owned hook procedures in v16/v17, which made Reg tell me the remarkable statement "Everyone in Waterloo would be much happier if your user objects were NOT owned by a mutable system role...":))

However, sometimes MS SQL compatibility is an issue for us, and "dbo" is still the default schema there...

"inside SQL Anywhere dbo is just another user"

According to Reg, that's no longer true for v16 and above because of the RBAC features and the new DBO system role, s. that v16 topic... (I don't claim to understand all these differences.)

(29 Apr '16, 08:04) Volker Barth
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