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As of version 17, DBISQL by default uses the machine's locale to display dates and numbers in the according locale, as stated here.

For locales with comma as decimal separator, DBISQL uses the semicolon as default field separator. This works fine in my case with German locale.

However, DBISQL does not accept numbers with a decimal comma as input (say, "0,75") for floating point or decimal data with the INPUT statement but raises a SQLCODE -151 error:

Cannot convert '0,75' to double.

This somewhat does make it still difficult to import localized numbers. I suspect I still have to load those numbers into dummy string columns and then have to turn their values – swapping decimal comma to decimal point – into "real numbers".

Am I missing a point (pun intended)?

asked 05 Jan '23, 13:01

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Volker Barth
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Are you using the DBISQL.exe Import Wizard or doing a command "INPUT INTO Table FROM FilePath"

I know the Wizard has some options for choosing a delimiter if that's what you're looking for.

Also, our databases all use a point for decimals, ex. (7.5), I haven't seen 7,5 anywhere without it being defined as string. So I assume it might be as you've described where you might have to swap out comma to decimal points.

You could maybe make these changes easier with Excel and change the CSV directly instead of dummy columns maybe?

(30 Jun '23, 03:40) pcrncec1
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