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Windows 7 SQL Anywhere 16 EBF 2213

I am upgrading a db to SQL 16. I am following the Mobilink Tutorial. At the Test stage (lesson 3 or 4), I can see all is configured correctly for testing but when I press the synchronize button I get the error message "The mlsrv16 executable could not be found".

Scanning the disk I see mlsrv16.exe is in BIN64 (and only there). I am using 32 bit apps on this (Window 7) machine.

At rhe command propt window

mlsrv16 throws up the list of options proving the OS can find the application. The PATH variable has both BIN64 and BIN32 in it.

So why does the Synchronize button fail to find mlsrv16

When the remotes are already running I get the "The mlstop executable could not be found message.

Is this a remove and reinstalll scenario?



asked 22 Dec '15, 09:51

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Maybe this will help some. The MobiLink server is usually set up to run separately from the remote. In production it is usually set up to run continuously as a service. Maybe you just missed a step and have not started that.

I am assuming you are working your way through Step#3 of this tutorial and have just skipped the line "This lesson assumes you have completed all preceding lessons. See Lesson 1: Creating and configuring the consolidated database." That other section launches the mlsrv16 process after creating and setting up the consolidated database.

If I have the tutorial wrong maybe you can share the link for the one you are working through.

permanent link

answered 22 Dec '15, 18:16

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I did not start the server at the end of lesson 1. However I removed and reinstalled SQL16. The test phase is now working correctly and the Mobilink server is started automatically when the synchronize button is clicked.

Thanks for your advise.

(23 Dec '15, 05:47) effytuby

There is no gear in the MobiLink synchronize call for start the MobiLink server. The server must have been running prior to the synchronization request.

(23 Dec '15, 09:36) Chris Keating
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