On Windows Mobile using Ultralite in .Net CF 3.5 I'm trying to synch using https with a trusted certificate.

First I tried without the trusted certificate I got the 24 error code. Then I tried using the browser to mark it as trusted as indicated in the docmentation for trusted_certificate in the 2nd bullet point. I still got the 24. I then tried using trusted_certificate as below but got the "The option 'trusted_certificate' is not recognized" error message.


I'm not sure what else I need to do.

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Looks like a documentation bug.

There's an 's' on the parameter name: trusted_certificates.

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answered 14 Apr '15, 16:18

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Beat me by nine seconds.

(14 Apr '15, 16:22) Reg Domaratzki

As a follow-up I've never had to add the certificates before so can you confirm what is in the file. I tried using the certificate from the server which it seemed to like but this caused me to still get the 24 error.

(14 Apr '15, 16:36) JonathanChap...
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The certificate should be the (public) root certificate of the top-level certificate authority.

See: http://sqlanywhere-forum.sap.com/questions/19138/what-impact-will-the-switch-to-openssl-have-on-sql-anywhere-strong-encryption

for more details. Also see KBA 2134354 - Error: "TLS handshake failure" or "Server certificate not trusted" after upgrading to a higher support package of SQL Anywhere 12 or SQL Anywhere 16.

The trusted certificate is expected to be in PKCS #8, PEM format:


(15 Apr '15, 10:10) Jeff Albion

The option name should be trusted_certificates, and not trusted_certificate.

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answered 14 Apr '15, 16:18

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