Hi all,

using ulsync to synchronize an UDB I get the error message:

"Error: Sync failed: Synchronization failed due to an error on the MobiLink server: [-10038] Message: A downloaded value for table 'XCW_TESTCASE' (column"

Though I know the reason in this case I wonder why the error message is truncated? The error message is printed on the sceen or - using ulsync ... 2> errorlog.txt - logged in a file. I can derive from the error message -10038 what happens at all but it would be helpfull to have the full message which would include the column name like suggested by the documentation for mobilink error message -10038: "A downloaded value for table '%1' (column #%2) was either too big or invalid for the remote schema type".

Any suggestions?


Chris Werner

asked 22 Apr '14, 05:14

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Chris Werner
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Tim McClements

QTS 762701 has been opened to track this issue.

(23 Apr '14, 14:45) Chris Keating

I'm seeing a similar problem with SA17, getting the error message

Sync failed: Synchronization failed due to an error on the MobiLink server: [-10002] Message: ODBC: [SAP][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Column 'Times

Has there been any progress on this issue?

(13 Nov '15, 12:03) Terry Wilkinson

This is currently a limitation in UltraLite -- about 70 characters are used for error message parameters. (The detail is that a SQLCA object is used to store error parameters, and there's a limit on the space available in that structure.)

We have noted the request to address this issue in a future release.

permanent link

answered 13 Nov '15, 15:13

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Tim McClements
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Thanks Tim. For anyone else looking at this post, I was able to find the complete message in the logfile specified by the -o switch when starting mlsrv17.exe, and accessed using SQL Central, menu item "Tools/MobiLink 17/MobiLink Server Log File Viewer..."

(18 Nov '15, 22:35) Terry Wilkinson
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