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I have a VS 2017 Dot Net app utilizing UltraLite.Net that syncs with my consolidated Oracle database via MobiLink 17. I have another VS 2017 UWP app that will not sync to the same consolidated database using the exact same Sync Parameters. It cannot find the “Host Name”. I have set the following Capabilities in the UWP app: Private Networks, Internet (Client & Server, and Enterprise Authentication, each one separately and then all three at once and keep getting the same error: Can’t find the Host Name. Any assistance in any direction would be appreciated. Thanks

asked 19 Jun '17, 07:22

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The MobiLink Error is #57. Get this error using the server's name or IP Address.

(19 Jun '17, 09:53) BESpring

The problem is must be with UltraLite/MobiLink. I can access the DB server and others from my UWP app when I enable the "Private Networks" Capability with Windows.Web.Http and Windows.Networking.Sockets. This is the same error if I use a bogus server name with UltraLite.NET Ver.17. So is UltraLite broken or is it querying the network DSN differently then UltraLite.NET such I/we need to do something here?

(20 Jun '17, 07:10) BESpring

This should work of course :-)

Can you show how you are setting the sync parameters?

(20 Jun '17, 11:33) Tim McClements

Publications=PICS.AUTHORIZATION.2.0;SendColumnNames=false;SendDownloadACK=true; stream=http(host=SERVERNAME,port=8060,buffer_size=16000,timeout=240,persistent=on,version=1.1); MobiLinkUid=PIC;ScriptVersion=PICS.AUTHORIZATION.2.0

The above is the same parameter string as with UltraLite.NET that works.

GetLastError's error text return - "57,SERVERNAME,port=8060,buffer_size=16000,timeout=240,persistent=on,0"

(20 Jun '17, 13:02) BESpring

You should be using semicolons not commas to separate the parameters.

(20 Jun '17, 13:32) Chris Keating

Now I see the diff. between .NET and WinRt's Parameter strings. I was focused on the content. I could have sworn I read somewhere that the stream's parameters were comma separated and not semicolon separated. I took special care to do just that. Boy do I feel sheepish. It is connecting to the server now. Thnaks

(20 Jun '17, 14:26) BESpring
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