Request level logging can be very useful in seeing what is actually happening in a live database, but the higher levels of logging (eg SQL, PLAN etc) do involve a fair degree of server load - especially with many hundred simultaneous users. Ideally one could just log a single connection but the way the docs read:

Output to the request log can be filtered to include only requests from a specific connection or from a specific database, using the sa_server_option system procedure.

everything (ie for all connections / databases) is being collected (with the consequent server load) but the output is being filtered down to a single user.

Am I reading too much into the word "filtered" or is that the correct interpretation?

asked 10 Mar '15, 09:55

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Justin Willey
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If my understanding of the docs is correct, you should be able to collect only RLL data for a specified connection via

CALL sa_server_option( 'RequestFilterConn', connection-id );

To cite:

Filter the request logging information so that only information for a particular connection is logged. This can help reduce the size of the request log file when monitoring a database server with many active connections or multiple databases.

So in my humble opinion that would mean the data collecion is already filtered, not the later RLL output. - Note, that's just another WAG for today:)

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answered 10 Mar '15, 10:00

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Volker Barth
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It isn't absolutely clear is it? The word "logged" could be taken as meaning "only data for a particular connection is written to the log" rather than "only data for a particular connection is collected"

It talks about keeping down the log file size but doesn't mention the server load.

Mmmm.. I may be being paranoid but it doesn't mean they aren't out to get me!

(10 Mar '15, 10:20) Justin Willey
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Yes, after reading the "About Request logging" page I thought it could also be meant as you have expected... - "Suck it and see" is not your preferred choice here, correct?

(10 Mar '15, 10:24) Volker Barth

Not with 700 users all beavering away- no :) It's hard to tell on a quiet system and too late to find out on a busy one when it crashes!

(10 Mar '15, 10:35) Justin Willey

This is an Occam's Razor moment, methinks, as in "take the simple interpretation of 'only information for a particular connection is logged'".

(10 Mar '15, 11:07) Breck Carter
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