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There is a very interesting option in the SQL Anywhere 16 ODBC driver: "Connect to a running database in the cloud".

Is this meant for connecting to a SQL Anywhere OnDemand database only? That edition is cancelled as far as I know? Or can we use this option to connect to a database hosted in ie. AWS, Azure og Google Cloud?

The world is moving towards cloud hosting and it would be great to test and compare performance against a on prem database.


Bjarne - Maritech

asked 04 Dec '19, 05:20

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Bjarne Anker
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FWIW, that FAQ may be of help...

(04 Dec '19, 06:16) Volker Barth


This approach would mean that you install the SA16 engine on a virtual server, start a service and open the firewalls on both ends. The best thing would be to upload the .db file and host it in a service somewhere. Too bad SAP doesn't support that - since the rest of the competitors is doing that.


(04 Dec '19, 06:26) Bjarne Anker

Regarding the performance comparison, I’d bet that the cloud one will be worse - slow CPUs + latency + thousands firewalls. It might be close to real HW if you application is hosted close to the DB.

(05 Dec '19, 02:20) Vlad
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