Hi there,

In what circumstances does the above error message occur?

If I have a script:

"D:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 12\BIN64\ulsync" -c "DBF=E:\Servitor Mobile\dev\R emote\db\mobileServitor.udb;UID=dba;PWD=sql" "MobiLinkUid=:SERVITOR:CIVICA:;Scri ptVersion=servitor_v2;Publications=SERVITOR,DOWNLOAD_LOGIN;Stream=https{host=10. 12.4.1;port=7060;trusted_certificates=E:\Servitor Mobile\dev\Remote\bin\clientCe rtRSA.crt;compression=zlib}" it will work from one server to another within the infrastructure.

However, if I use it on a PC connected to a mobile SIM which is routed via an APN I get an error message:

SQL Anywhere UltraLite Synchronization Utility Version Error: Sync failed: MobiLink communication error -- code: 24, parameter: , system code: 336134278 Results of this synchronization: Failed with error: -1305 Stream error code: 24 System error code: 336134278 Download timestamp: 2014-04-08 18:02:21.706000 Upload failed No ignored rows No part download remaining Authentication value: 0 (0x0000) 1 error(s)

I can't work out why this is.

Any ideas?



asked 08 Apr '14, 13:18

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Google is your friend, try searching on 336134278 to find out it is a certificate-related SSL symptom.

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answered 08 Apr '14, 13:25

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Breck Carter
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Hi Breck, thanks for that. I'm not sure that helps me. I call the script the same way, so is something in between intercepting the traffic for the mobilink sync to return that error? Thanks.

(08 Apr '14, 13:37) ShaoChan
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Overpriced consultants used to read the Help to the clients, now they Google for the clients :)

Google this: 336134278 1305

and you get this: http://scn.sap.com/thread/3470776

(08 Apr '14, 13:53) Breck Carter
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