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Hi everyone, been a while since I was last here.
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Used to be that I could delete the ML user on the ML consolidated and that would force a complete download to the remote the next sync. I can't seem to get that to work. Did something change or is there a better way?


asked 07 Jan '14, 12:10

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What do your download_cursor scripts look like? They control the download.

(07 Jan '14, 13:33) Breck Carter

They trigger on a lastchange column and download anything that has changed since the last sync. The problem I had here was my customer added a new remote database and forgot to add the mluser in the consolidated table that the scripts use for partitioning the data. So a successful sync happened to the new db and not data was downloaded. I ended up dropping the synchronization user on the remote and recreating it and all is well now. But I am sure that I used to just delete the ML user on the consolidated and that would do the same thing but I don't recall doing that on v11. Thanks.

(07 Jan '14, 13:39) jimboidaho

I've done similar things when throwing away the old equivalent database and building up a new remote from scratch using the same ml user. However, it doesn't quite correspond exactly to what you seem to be describing; re-downloading content to an existing database with existing data. So don't do this in a production environment without taking the time to understand it in a test setup first. I'm working almost entirely from multiple year old memory here and don't have time to look it up but maybe this will get you started in the right direction.

Disclaimers aside:

Check out (or the equivalent for v 11.1.1.x). The ml_reset_sync_state ML procedure helps you reset some of that stuff. It seems to me that when we moved to either version 9 or 10 (this is really hazy) there was a change in the way last download stamps were being saved for the database. It became more database centric than merely ml user centric. Previously resetting the ml user statistics was enough. Now the database statistics must be reset as well.

Because of the legacy when we implemented, ml user still is roughly synonymous with a particular remote db to our customers, but the code needs to manipulate the statistics for both when re-initializing a remote.

That's all very vague, but maybe it will help point you in a direction of research that will get you going again. Good luck.

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answered 07 Jan '14, 17:10

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