As we are still waiting on the general newgroups data import, I would now and then like to link to threads from the SQL Anywhere newsgroups.

What is the preferred way to do so? - It doesn't seem too easy:

  1. A link with the original NNTP URL is not supported, AFAIK.
  2. A link to GoogleGroups (as in this answer) seems to work, however, I'm not sure whether all newsgroups contents is available there.
  3. A link to the Sybase web forum seems difficult, simply because I usually don't get the according link...and searching there is a NO-GO in my experience....

I should add that I usually need my NNTP client's "sent messages" folder to find the threads I had taken part in at all ... even Thunderbird's search facility usually don't lists those entries I'm looking for if I can't remember the subject exactly (and I usually can't).

asked 11 Dec '11, 15:19

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Volker Barth
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Mark Culp


FWIW, as the NNTP newsgroups are announced to be EOL'ed on March 28, 2013, the complete contents is said to be archived in a web-accessable form here for all SQL Anywhere Forums.

Therefore, it seems to be quite easy to link to these sites, say, to this sample thread I once added:

SQL Remote: Encrypting messages with builtin functions like ENCRYPT()

Aside: I'm not yet sure whether searching within these archivs works better than with NNTP itself - IMHO, that was always a PITA, even with Thunderbird...

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answered 22 Mar '13, 09:25

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Volker Barth
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A Google Groups link is generally the 'easiest' to create, assuming the content you're interested in has been picked up by Google.

I typically have a bookmarked link to the Sybase HTML version of the Newsgroups, and I usually scan/copy the URL from there. (And yes, I also agree that the pages themselves can be difficult to navigate...)

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answered 12 Dec '11, 13:26

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Jeff Albion
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