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We have an old connection (last request: last Friday) floating around on our primary database (in a high availability cluster) that we can't drop. Neither right clicking in Sybase Central and saying "disconnect", nor calling "drop connection" actually drop the connection. We also have a "The number of requests waiting to be fulfilled: 1" message in Health and Statistics. We strongly suspect that that message is caused by that connection.

SQL Anywhere Connection ID 9273. Connection Name SQL_DBC_2eb4bf0. Last request type is a fetch.

How do we get rid of this connection without restarting the database?

asked 08 Mar '11, 19:16

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Some more information please: What is the version and build? connection number? connection name?

(08 Mar '11, 19:48) Breck Carter

SQL Anywhere Connection ID 9273 Connection Name SQL_DBC_2eb4bf0 Last request type is a fetch

When I connect to the secondary database I don't see any indication that anything is wrong.

(08 Mar '11, 19:58) RobertDD

Are there any locks related to this connection (cf. sa_locks(), or the "BlockedOn" column of sa_conn_info())? (Just guessing...)

(09 Mar '11, 08:35) Volker Barth

There is a known issue (CR #702733 -, which allows connections to be 'undroppable' in rare circumstances (usually involving a parallelized query that makes use of a HashFilter). Setting the connection option 'MAX_QUERY_TASKS' to '1' or restarting the database server is a workaround for the issue.

For more information about this issue, see my response to this question here:

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answered 30 Mar '12, 14:20

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Jeff Albion
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To identify which programm used the connection you can use sybase central go to the connected user tab and look at the properties of the connection. In the tab Extended Information you will see first the AppInfo which tells you from which machine and which programm the connection was initiated. Maybe with this information you get a better understanding if it is still a valid connection or what might have happened to it.

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answered 09 Mar '11, 07:44

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Just for completeness: I guess the same info can be found with ISQL and the query "select connection_property('AppInfo', 9273)".

(09 Mar '11, 08:21) Volker Barth
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