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Hi all,

We have the following situation : (running SQlAnywhere 17)

From device A we have a Webrequest to a webservice on sqlanywhere. In this webrequest we have a CLR call. For testing purposes this clr call is a very simple call which just returns the number 1. The webrequest has a http_session_timeout of 30 minutes. When we check sa_conn_info the request is listed. It remains there until the timeout. In process explorer we see that the clr environment is loaded. So far so good.

When we launch an interactive sql and try to do a drop connection on the connection above the complete database freezes. All connection attempts fail.

If we skip the CLR call in the webrequest all works fine.

We've been struggling with this problem for over a week now. Anyone experienced the same problem?

Connection A : Http request with CLR call Connection B : Drop connection A -> HANG

Has anyone a solution for this ?

Regards, Roel Schlijper

asked 24 Apr '17, 04:41

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This sounds like it could be a new report.

Does the hang go away if you kill the 'dbextclr' process? Do existing connections continue to function and accept requests. When you say all connection attempts fail, does that include http requests as well as client server ones both?

This would sound like something that is easy to reproduce and a problem development would like to investigate further. The hanging of the server preventing further connectivity is definitely not a desirable behavior. Have you created a support incident to have this looked into yet?

(24 Apr '17, 11:07) Nick Elson S...

No. When I kill dbextclr the hang remains. Existing connections are also blocked. By fail I mean: all connection request. Client/Server, Http. Database cant be reached at all.

I didn't create a support ticket yet. I'll try to do that !

(25 Apr '17, 02:29) RoelS

It seems I can't open a new incident. When I log in with our company account and go to incidents it shows an empty screen in the third step (Which of your system or products is affected) of reporting an incident...

(25 Apr '17, 02:41) RoelS
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