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I have a running SA Win32 Setup, registered as a developer edition.

Can I turn this into an OEM install by any means, or do I have to uninstall/reinstall SA 10? (Yes, I have an OEM registration key avilable.)

Sidenote: I'm about to use this box for OEM setups. Can I create such an OEM setup with the deployment wizard?

asked 02 Mar '11, 15:45

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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As there is no DBLIC -k (as in SA12), I tried to use Windows's "Add Programs" feature and added components to my install (and specified the OEM key). However, DBLIC still lists the old key and the developer edition. So I'm de-installing/re-installing...

(02 Mar '11, 15:59) Volker Barth

When you received the 10.0 OEM edition, you should have received a key that converts a developer edition into an OEM edition. This is an add-on key that you can enter by selecting Add in the Add/Remove programs in the control panel. Specifying this key will go and modify your license file in the same way that is now done by "dblib -k".

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answered 02 Mar '11, 17:14

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Bill Hillis
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Hmm, I got two keys with the CD-set, one for the authenticated and one for a non-authenticated version. As stated in my comment on the answer, I tried as you suggested and specified the key for the authenticated version. All went smooth but dblic showed the same infos as before. Don't know if I happened to do something wrong - but after an uninstall/reinstall it works now as expected:)

(02 Mar '11, 17:42) Volker Barth

@Bill: Am I right that the Deployment Wizard can be used to create an OEM setup? (My first impression is: yes, it does.)

(02 Mar '11, 17:44) Volker Barth

There should have been a third key mentioned in the package, one for upgrading from Developer edition to OEM edition. But, now that you've done the uninstall/reinstall, the point is moot. Yes, you can use the deployment wizard to create an OEM setup. The deployment wizard just grabs the copy of dbeng.exe and the license file, and doesn't care what edition it is deploying.

(02 Mar '11, 18:19) Bill Hillis

@Bill: I checked back, and yes, I found the third key. It was noted on a different piece of paper ("Registrating your products online"), one that I had overlooked. But as you said, moot now:)

(03 Mar '11, 09:19) Volker Barth
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