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Recently, I've tried to update a custom backup program written in Borland C++ Builder from dbtools 9 to dbtools 10, and I've started getting strange error messages. After some investigation using MSVC I discovered that size of chkpt_log_type member in a_backup_db structure is 1 byte in C++B and 4 bytes in MSVC. With my C knowledge being between 'weak' and 'nonexistent', I copied dbtools.h to my project and inserted 3 bytes stuffing after the chkpt_log_type. It did the trick for me, but I am unsure it is the best solution (and if it is correct at all), hence I'm asking for the better option.

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As to the question "What's the size of an enum?", you may have a look at StackOverflow.

AFAIK, the size is partly compiler-dependent, and MSVC seems to use an int whereas C++ only requires the smallest binary size that can store all values - what could be 3 bits in this particular case.

Besides these facts, I can't tell whether this might lead to further problems when compling the DBTools LIB against different compilers. I would suggest to use the fitting LIB (Borland or MS). Note that in SA 11 there's no more support for Borland compilers on Windows plattforms.

Oops, I have to correct myself: There's no more Borland LIB in SA 11 but a .DEF file as substitute.

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