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Hi all, after create a new project with xcode 4.6.3 and ultralite 12.0.1 , the app on device crash with exc_arm_da_align exception when try to open the db. All projects create with previous version of xcode works fine.

Any suggestion are appreciated. Regards


asked 02 Jul '13, 11:54

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Roby G
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A developer checked this against a simple iPhone project that opens and queries a database on the device and it appears to work.

Can I confirm the version and build of UL software and the target device details?

What version were you using previously where this worked fine?

(03 Jul '13, 09:45) Chris Keating

I think the problem is about the latest SQLAny ebf's. With an older version of libulrt (July 2012) the app run fine. Actually I've installed the last ebf of SqlAnywhere The device is an iPad2 with iOS 6.1.3.

(05 Jul '13, 03:44) Roby G

I have not yet been able to repro this issue. I will continue to investigate. I am running the the same mix of components as you are running except the iPAD device. I will work to locate a device with that configuration to test.

(16 Jul '13, 09:33) Chris Keating
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