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The point would be to be able to look at "things" side-by-side.

There's probably a setting for that but I can't find it.

asked 13 May '13, 03:15

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edited 13 May '13, 05:09

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Justin Willey

In the 'Options' dialog, turn off the fast launcher and you can start more than one Sybase Central.

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answered 13 May '13, 08:53

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How counter-intuitive!

(14 May '13, 02:04) tzup
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(14 May '13, 07:57) Breck Carter

Paul: Five up-votes in 22 hours might be telling you something about, say, a feature needed :)

(14 May '13, 08:00) Breck Carter
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I can't speak for anyone else, but I upvoted solely because it's clear and simple and exactly answered the question asked.

(14 May '13, 08:52) Graeme Perrow

Yes, that's why Breck implicitly refers to the other 5 up-votes:)

At least my impression of that answer was more of an "Ah, that's how you have to do it, the fast launcher is making troubles..." - besides its clear and simple wording.

(14 May '13, 09:55) Volker Barth

You shouldn't have any problem running different major versions against the same database - I do that quite often. Just make sure that you explicitly specify the paths of any utilities you want to run - don't rely on the PATH to find them.

What problems are you seeing?

Running different minor versions (ie different builds of the same version) is rather more tricky - I'm not sure how easy that is - unless you do a manual install of the necessary files.

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answered 13 May '13, 05:09

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Justin Willey
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Was trying to run the same version of Sybase Central twice.

(14 May '13, 02:03) tzup
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What errors / problems are you getting?

(14 May '13, 04:26) Justin Willey
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Justin: Have you had a coffee yet? ( grinning, running and ducking :)

(14 May '13, 07:55) Breck Carter
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