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The 64-bit Java runtime included with Sybase Central in v12 has a folder that was not present in v11, and causes problems when trying to build an InstallShield installer. The issue sems to be a folder name that looks like an environment variable - %SystemDrive%. There are some files several levels further down that look like crash reports or something similar:

C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 12\Sunjre160_x64\bin\%SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Caches
C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 12\Sun\jre160_x64\bin\%SystemDrive%\ProgramData\SQL Anywhere 12\diagnostics\sadiags.xml

so possibly created after the install??

My question is whether this folder and all its descendents can be safely omitted from an install. The docs say "Copy the entire jre160_x64 tree, including subdirectories."


asked 24 Nov '11, 10:03

Justin%20Willey's gravatar image

Justin Willey
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Volker Barth

As the forum seems quite quiet these days...

I don't have a v12 64-bit setup but my 32-bit setups don't have such subdirs under "bin". They just have

  • client
  • new_plugin
  • server

Does the creation date of these suspicious subdirs give a clue that they have been created after your installation?

(24 Nov '11, 12:13) Volker Barth
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Besides that, as the v12 Deployment Wizard allows for 64-bit setups (and that should include the admin tools, methinks): Does this give you any clue?

(24 Nov '11, 12:16) Volker Barth
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I'm not sure, because like you I have no equivalent under the 32-bit bin either. I think I'll have to clean off a 64-bit machine and see what happens.

(24 Nov '11, 12:18) Justin Willey

The files in the %SystemDrive% folder were not part of the original install. Not sure why they were created, but they must have been created after the install. You can safely remove them your deployment. In the original install, the only sub-folders in the bin directory are new_plugin and server.

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answered 25 Nov '11, 09:24

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Bill Hillis
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I guess the following may be of help - though I don't think it's officially documented:

The Deployment Wizard seems to use a file called "master.xml" (in the %SQLANY12%Deployment dir) that seems to contain all the files necessary for the according feature.

So in your case, you can look for the list of files for the JRE160_X64 feature, and that don't list those suspicious files...

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answered 25 Nov '11, 03:48

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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Just for curiosity:

Are my assumptions about the usage of this undocumented file correct?

(25 Nov '11, 11:11) Volker Barth

You are correct. That file is used as input to the deployment wizard and lists each file installed by SQL Anywhere.

(25 Nov '11, 13:39) Bill Hillis
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Thanks for the help and clarification - working now!

(25 Nov '11, 14:10) Justin Willey
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