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Hi, we have a GIS application here, intending to be migrated to SQLA 12/16. Its using Oracle SDO types pretty much, which are some special spatial types for geometry, under MDSYS schema. Dont know much about it, but as per: ..its not only single datatype as we all know with SQLA, but it also bundles lots of other stuff, like special geo indexing, separate engine, some converters etc..

I was trying with PowerDesigner, it converts oracles spatial datatypes into char(10) types, but I believe here its not so easy, though I have zero experiences with spatial data on both ORA and SQLA.

Is it possible to get those SDO data into SQLA, and/or how does it work with Mobilink ?

Many thanks in advance.

asked 02 May '13, 07:41

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The Oracle spatial data can be unloaded into a common format that can be loaded into SQL Anywhere spatial columns. The format is either "well known text" or "well known binary". I think the oracle function is called something like sdo_util.to_wktgeometry().
In SQL Anywhere, you would then use the ST_GeomFromText() method to load the data into a spatial column.

For example, if you set up a proxy connection to Oracle from SA, you could do something like this
(note that this is pseudocode):
create variable xfer long varchar;
select sdo_util.to_wktgeometry(geometry_column) into xfer from Oracle_geometry_table;
Insert into SA_geometry_table( geometry_column) values( ST_Geometry::ST_GeomFromText( xfer, srid ) );

The srid value is the spatial reference system being used for the data, which you can look up in the Oracle database definition.

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answered 02 May '13, 10:32

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Many thanks Jason, will discuss it our team, in case we would need some more info, will kindly let you know here. cheers

(03 May '13, 03:05) marchello
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