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I have two lon/lats that i've turned into geometry. I have a fence_geom and a user_geom. I am looking to test to see if the user is inside the fence_geom. I have tried using several different postGIS methods to check for this but I am only getting false. The location with the users is definitely within the geofence but I keep getting false even when the results should return true. For tests sake, every user has the same geometry which is the one within the geofence. I've tried switching the order of the parameters and the results are the same.

SELECT ST_Covers(fences.fence_geom, users.user_geom)
FROM fences, users

asked 06 Dec '17, 21:28

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Can you reproduce the problem in a simple script that you could post here? You're much more likely to get people looking at it then.

(07 Dec '17, 07:24) Justin Willey

As you are relating to PostgreSQL: Is this question dealing with SAP/Sybase SQL Anywhere? If so, what Version do you use?

(07 Dec '17, 07:42) Volker Barth
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Ahhhh - someone who read the question title! 10/10 Volker :)

(07 Dec '17, 08:26) Justin Willey
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