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I'm using this script on my development machine (SA dev. edit) to append predefined UOM, SRS and spatial compatibility functions:

  CALL sa_install_feature('st_geometry_predefined_uom');
  CALL sa_install_feature('st_geometry_predefined_srs');
  CALL sa_install_feature('st_geometry_compat_func');

That works fine in ISQL. Now we try to deploy SA- (oem) using the deployment assistent. After installing on a "clean" machine (WinXP SP3) and executing this script in dbisqlc results in an error:

Error -156:
Invalid expression at 'ST_Geometry::ST_LoadConfigurationData('epsg_uom.dat')'

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thanks, Juergen

asked 06 Jul '11, 09:16

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edited 06 Jul '11, 09:27

No, I don't - but as you seem to test a deployment, I would strongly recommend to deploy the same version you're using on your development machine (or at least a 12.0.1 version).

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answered 06 Jul '11, 09:25

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Volker Barth
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Oh, yes... is the original GA... IMO under no circumstances should anyone deploy that.

(06 Jul '11, 11:38) Breck Carter
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@Volker: Clearly, you needed more reputation points, so I promoted your comment to an answer :)

(06 Jul '11, 11:41) Breck Carter

@Breck: Sure, but unfortunately they don't seem to get counted, cf. the summary...

No, I don't mind, it won't affect whether a party's coming:)

(06 Jul '11, 13:38) Volker Barth

The DeploymentWizard.exe "forgets" to include the file st_geometry_config.tgz into the MSI. When I copy this file to the scripts folder then it works!

Thank you all.

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answered 07 Jul '11, 02:51

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First, test to determine if it is dbisqlc's fault... I doubt it, but it's an easy test (just use dbisqlc instead of dbisql on the development machine). The dbisqlc utility is ancient and (IMO) should not be used for anything important... but that is a value judgement on my part :)

The dbo.sa_install_feature() procedure can be examined, even edited, in Sybase Central.

Try using the stored procedure debugger to step through its execution... you might be able to see where it is failing, in that procedure or another one it calls like dbo.st_geometry_predefined_uom.

Alternatively, you could try putting MESSAGE STRING ( stuff, more_stuff, etcetera ) TO CONSOLE statements inside those procedures to see what is going on.

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answered 06 Jul '11, 11:32

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Breck Carter
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Many thanks for your reply. I think it's not an issue with dbisqlc, because we noticed the same problem inside our app using NativeDB as client component.

With your help now I found the code causing the problem: The sa_install_feature procedure calls st_geometry_predefined_uom or st_geometry_predefined_srs (depending on the parameter). In both of them there is the last line containing the expression addressed by the error message:

from openstring(value ST_Geometry::ST_LoadConfigurationData('epsg_srs.dat')) with(...


So I know the line but I don't know the reason and I don't know how to fix it. It looks like being an issue of a missing file, but on my development machine it works and there I cannot find a file 'epsg_srs.dat'.

Note: I changed deployment to The problem persists.

(06 Jul '11, 11:58) Juergen
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From the docs:

Feature name definitions are provided in the st_geometry_config.tgz file located in the scripts directory. If the file is removed and you attempt to install features that are dependent on the file, an error is returned.

But if that file is missing, I would expect an error with SQLCODE -1438 (SQLE_SLERR_CONFIG_FILE_ERR).

Just guessing...

(06 Jul '11, 12:07) Volker Barth

The error was "Invalid expression at 'ST_Geometry::ST_LoadConfigurationData('epsg_uom.dat')'" which sounds a lot more basic than "can't find epsg_uom.dat"... it's reads like a fundamental syntax error, not a runtime semantic error.

...and that was probably just about as helpful as "try waving a dead chicken over the keyboard" :)

(06 Jul '11, 17:54) Breck Carter

Bingo! The archive st_geometry_config.tgz contains the file epsg_uom.dat - and this archive is missing in the deployment.

It seems to be an issue of the deployment assistent...

Thank you very much!

(07 Jul '11, 02:10) Juergen
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