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We have some customers that have been reporting "phantom users". When they look at connected users they see people that have not only closed the software app, but have also shut down their computer.

We are using SQLA version 11.01 We start the ddsrv11.exe with the following parameters... -x tcpip -ti 0 -tl 0

Could these parameters cause connections to remain open even when people have shut down their computer?

TIA, Mike

asked 04 Apr '13, 10:01

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Yes, I believe this is certainly a possibility. -ti 0 disables the Idle Timeout check (which normally engages after 240 minutes if we haven't heard from a client to automatically disconnect the client), and -tl 0 disables the Liveness check (which is the only mechanism available to the server to check the active client connectivity).

If you do not explicitly close the database connection (e.g. the network drops off, do not explicitly 'close' a connection in your program, etc.), then this could be the behaviour you're seeing.

You should be able to drop the connections using the DROP CONNECTION statement.

We have also had previous problems with "[Exchange]" workers, from intra-query parallelization queries and we left 'phantom' users connected that could not be dropped. This was fixed in a later patch ( and above).

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answered 04 Apr '13, 10:10

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Thanks for the reply. We will change these values.

(04 Apr '13, 10:20) ksitech
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